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Just about every sector of business is geared toward sustainability these days. Sustainable agriculture, energy and tourism are all a given, but sustainable fashion is just beginning to disrupt the traditionally wasteful mainstream fashion industry.

Denverite Deb Henriksen, owner and founder of the rocker-chic brand Equillibrium, is poised to keep moving the fashion industry’s momentum forward. Her mission is to educate others about their own consumerism while bringing her sense of style to life with responsibly sourced textiles and materials.

Henriksen owns a storefront, and creates and sells clothes made of sustainable textiles such as organic cotton, bamboo and hemp. The idea for Equillibrium was born in 1998, when Henriksen began to dream of having her own eco-friendly fashion boutique. In 2000, Equillibrium began as a wholesale brand that was carried in skate and snowboard shops around Denver and Breckenridge. She opened her first store in 2004 (now located on West Custer Place) and hasn’t stopped since.

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Range Free is the first allergen-free bakery and café in Columbia

When Anna Meyer was diagnosed with 24 food allergies in 2009, she had to figure out an alternative diet. The journey wasn’t easy.  Although many friends and family supported Meyer, others didn’t understand that certain foods could make her gravely ill. At restaurants, Meyer had to ask servers lots of questions and trust that kitchens weren’t cross-contaminating the food by using utensils that had been in contact with products she was allergic to.

Source: Range Free café offers allergen-free foods

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Something’s cooking in the kitchen. Bite-sized shrimp wonton cups sit on a glass plate, ready to be devoured. Steaks sizzle on the grill. Brussel sprouts roast in the oven, and wine glasses clink as Ken Dean searches for the perfect glass to pair with a bottle of wine.


Source: The perfect pair: Chef Ken Dean and sous chef Charlotte enjoy pairing food with wine and friends with travel

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