gather around, friends.

it’s time to tell your story.

do you have a story to tell but you just can’t find the words to say it?

in this day and age, there’s many ways to share what’s on your mind.

let’s find the best way to share it today.

about claire

claire is a visionary with a creative spirit. she sees the end result and knows what it takes to get there. trained at the missouri school of journalism, she has brought more than one hundred stories to life through a variety of ways.

expertise: print + digital writing // editing // photo + video // social media

education: b.s. science and agricultural journalism ’16, university of missouri

publications: 5280, boulder weekly, vox magazine, columbia daily tribune, cafnr corner post, mu food writers, columbia missourian

creative services


Written content specific to your website or brand, complete with artwork and photography.


Artistic lifestyle shots that are edited and accessed on a digital gallery.


Researching and proofreading content for grammar, spelling, and accuracy.


Platform of choice consists of creation, management, and engagement.

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Mile-High Living

documenting life during the corona


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longmont insider

what to do in longmont, co

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Denver, CO


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