back to the grind.

the Art’s desserts are a work of art on its own: carrot cake with cream cheese icing, candied carrots, pineapple meringue, house-made granola, and edible flowers.

hey everyone! sorry I haven’t written for awhile. I started a new job at The Art, a hotel, in downtown Denver. modern and trendy, The Art is a three-year-old hotel filled with the most interesting art pieces. you can find me at Fire, its fine dining restaurant, where I have a great view of Denver and the mountains. 🙂 besides that, I’ve been getting my tan on and spending time with T and friends.

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I hate goodbyes

when I heard news of my friend Kate’s health, my heart shattered. she had been in the ICU for the past three weeks and the prognosis was not in her odds. her liver had failed, as well as her kidneys. she had bacterial pneumonia in her lungs.  her blood was septic. on Monday, it was decided that she was going to have her ventilation and dialysis support removed.

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The Married Life


Photo courtesy of Zach & Rosalie.

A lot of people have asked me lately: How’s the married life?

To be honest, it’s not much different from how it was before we got married. T and I have been together for more than six years (!). We’ve lived with each other for most of those years and learned how to seamlessly manage our expenses, household, and each other along the way. Although we’ve had completely opposite upbringings and backgrounds, we have similar work ethic, interests, and goals that make us compatible.

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I’m alive.

I am so sorry that I haven’t written on here but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been writing! I have been on a road to re-sparking my creativity, which means I’ve been doing a lot of personal journaling. Apparently I have a lot of pent-up emotions about everything, and that just really clouds up your flow. I want to write a book (or two), start my freelancing career into the real world (I want to write about wine and TV and drugs and animals and science lol plenty to go off of, I know), and just kick it and live. Writing has been on kind of a hiatus though for financial reasons. Last month, I moved into a new apartment in the same neighborhood because our new landlord switched to one-month leases, my internship ended so I would apply for a new job but can’t since I have to take a week off for *wait for it* MY WEDDING. So I’ve just been hardcore working at the OG (which is the easiest job for money in the world and what will be my backbone as I start to write).

I’ll try not to talk too much about my wedding because I know everyone’s over hearing about it BUT I have loved planning it from two states away and would do it again. However, working with others (i.e. our parents) has been somewhat of a game of tug of war.

So sorry for being a hermit (I’ve barely posted any pictures on social media from this year and it’s been a BIG year) but I’m thinking of making this a space of past funny recollections of my life, with the occasional deep post about life. I will also be linking any stories I write so watch out for that.

Here’s a cute picture of me and my fiancĂ© on that note. Wearing wedges to an icy lake on top of a mountain probs wasn’t the best idea but to be fair, it was warm everywhere else at  RMNP.

Photo by Zach and Rosalie

5280 Magazine’s Dining Intern

Hi y’all.

So mid-January, I accepted a position as the food intern at 5280 Magazine, Denver’s biggest magazine. I stuck it out for journalism, and in the end it worked out. Hooray for me.

I’ll give you all a brief overview of my job (and hopefully some insight into the world of journalism if you don’t know the flow of things; looking at you people who utter the words “fake news”)

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standing up

I read a post on Facebook the other day asking friends to offer words of support to her brother being bullied at school. What stuck out to me was that she said she had never been bullied before which is why she was asking in the first place. Never been bullied!? I guess it surprised me because I figured everybody has been bullied at least once in their life. I’m almost 24 years old and I still have adults who try to bring me down.

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The Wait Game

So here I am. A month and a half in Denver, and so far I’m loving it. It’s about midnight and I can hear a train blaring its horn a mile or so into the city. The Aspen trees in the mountains have shed their brilliant yellow gold leaves. It’s not warm anymore, but it’s not cold yet either. I’ve given up my Missouri license and plates in exchange for Colorado ones. The days I work seem to fly by, and I can actually enjoy my free time, unlike in the school year when I wallowed in deadlines and constant pressure. For once in my life (and possibly graduating has something to do with this), I feel relaxed. I feel bad I haven’t written but when you just want to explore and take everything in instead of staying inside, I feel it’s justifiable. One thing I do do is keep a running list of all my ideas so I can have some inspiration or a starter when it is time to write. It hasn’t failed me yet!

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