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My name is Dorothy Claire Lardizabal.

I am a freelance journalist who lives in Denver, Colorado. I am a Filipino-American of Spanish and Chinese descent.

I consider myself a creative professional because of my background in performance arts and competitive sports. Out of all my outlets, I loved writing the most, so I pursued a degree in science & agricultural journalism at the University of Missouri. There, I learned from the best of the best to know what it takes to become a journalist in the community.

I began my career by first writing for the high school paper in Kirksville, Missouri; reporting for city newspapers in Columbia, Missouri; then eventually covering the state of Colorado during an internship for 5280 Magazine. Now, I currently freelance write and produce travel and lifestyle pieces.

I love to travel, meet people, and eat delicious food. But other times, I love watching new television shows, writing poetry, cooking, and crafting. I’m the most extroverted introvert you’ll ever meet. (Or shall I say ambivert?)

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog! To find out more about my services, click here. For travel suggestions, restaurants I should check out, or new television shows you can’t stop watching, let me know below!

Talk to you soon 🙂