back to the grind

the Art’s desserts are a work of art on its own: carrot cake with cream cheese icing, candied carrots, pineapple meringue, house-made granola, and edible flowers.

hey everyone! sorry I haven’t written for awhile. I started a new job at The Art, a hotel, in downtown Denver. modern and trendy, The Art is a three-year-old boutique hotel filled with the most interesting art pieces. you can find me at Fire, its restaurant and lounge, where I have a great view of Denver and the mountains. 🙂 besides that, I’ve been getting my tan on and spending time with T and friends.

a few things:

I am studying to become an introductory level sommelier. a sommelier is an expert of wine, and since I am in fine dining now, I think it would be a great tool to have under my belt both sales and writing wise. I basically have a minor in enology as I spent plenty of time strolling through vineyards and drinking vino, it’s just now I have to memorize all the wine regions and varietals of the world.

I pitched to a really big publication in LA. so, fingers crossed that they get it and like it.

I am still in the midst of writing stories I want to pitch to publications. for awhile, I was lagging with no motivation behind me… until two nights ago. I went to Idaho Springs last weekend and bought a chalcopyrite, this beautiful turquoise-gold-magenta stone (a result of copper iron sulfide), and it’s supposed to help you recover what you lost. well I had a dream (more a nightmare) that I had “lost my words” and that I couldn’t write anymore. it was a most needed wake-up call, and all the projects I’ve been sitting on are up and rolling again. I’m very excited because I’m working on stories from all over, so I can’t wait to see what comes next.

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