starting to feel more like myself again. Lana’s been on repeat lately.

I’ve been writing. thinking. reading. creating.

I am conflicted. I don’t know if I want to stay here or go to California or get a real job at a publication or keep freelancing.

I am in the works in finding a place by the ocean and getting away for awhile so I can finally sit down and write my life story. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time and contemplated on how to share it the best way possible. I just need to be in the most comfortable and peaceful setting possible as well.

I really want to write more stories about the environment and animals so that’s on my research list.

Mercury is currently in retrograde so it’s going to be a lot of me time for the next couple weeks.

I have been writing a lot of poetry, surprisingly, and think I have enough to start it’s own Instagram, but I need to brainstorm a name for it.

I read somewhere that you should create from pain, and while I’ve been scared to accept that, I read something else that I’ll leave you with:

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