the curse

Beauty is a curse. As with dolls, people treat beauty as an object, a pretty play thing to puppet. No one will ever know your worth. No one will believe there is anything beyond you at face value because they can’t get past your face. Your intelligence will cause them to hate you because they don’t want you too perfect. Just the right amount of dumb. Who am I? Do as I please or give them what they want so they will like me, because at this point I feel like no one ever will know who I am.

My beauty is a curse. Even though someone calling you beautiful – in English, in Tagalog, in Italian, in Brooklyn – should be taken as a compliment, I cannot take it because even those closest to me know that I feel pretty ugly on the inside. I’m not sure if it was there before or after the pretty phase, but my pretty face isn’t all there is to me.


  1. LOL too funny?!? Beauty…beauty is what someone see’s. Looks are an allure. Look inside a mind and then you see true beauty. Ask your husband…I am sure he will agree. As thus I have learned in the past. If you see nothing in the heart/mind and mind you have nothing. Looks are a distortion of reality. Sorry for the comments. I am just one of those that comments. And then disappears. TC good luck.

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    1. It’s definitely what’s on the inside that counts! I was just sick of how most people treat me because of what they see on the outside… unfortunately, if you’re pretty, people tend to think you are dumb and this is my response to that.



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