when you move, everything is foreign, unfamiliar and uncomfortable. I would get worried about ending up in the wrong side of town or getting lost or getting your house broken into and whatnot (it’s my anxiety). but after awhile, everything starts to feel like home. you get used to the bumps in the road. you know where traffic’s gonna hit you on the way to work, and you know what places NOT to go to for pad Thai.

people start to look nicer and more approachable and when you go back to Missouri, you don’t feel a sense of longing to come home because you’re finally doing fine just where you are. I’m still at a crossroads as to what I want to do in my life (other than know I’m going to own an animal sanctuary), but I’m pretty proud of us for starting anew in a brand new shiny city where we knew no one and had nothing. but the pros way outweigh the cons. we visit the mountains every week. we have free time in our day instead of dedicating every second to school. we can spend more time with the cats. I mean, we’re still broke af because we’re in that weird transition phase between post-grad and establishing yourselves but at least we feel happy.

sometimes I feel like I’m going against the wave by not immediately doing what I wanted to do with my major. then I realize that’s just how society and our culture makes you feel if you don’t want to stick within that mold. I know I’ve gone way off topic by this point but eff the mold. I think taking care of your well-being and happiness is way more important than worrying about a structure placed by society.

here’s to settling in.


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