Take Me To: The Pacific Northwest

I actually like this blog post especially because traveling to another place and living there is on my to-do list. I want to go to Spain, South America, possibly Jerusalem but not right now, and the Azores (look that up). I’ve done a lot of things outside my element this semester. I don’t agree with the religion of Islam so I took a class over the Geography of the Middle East. I’m a cat person so I decided to follow an organization that is based on rescuing dogs. All of my travel goals are outside the United States. I’ve never really thought about where I want to go in the States. I’ve never been in the Upper East coast or the Upper West coast. I would more specifically like to visit the Upper West Coast because of the Native American reservations. Ever since I came to college, all I’ve learned about is how much we fucked over the Native Americans and I honestly believe we live on cursed ground. Like we are living on a plot of bad karma. Just saying.

I would like to visit more specifically a reservation. I know that history books are rewritten to make Native Americans look cute and cuddly when they were actually part of a massive genocide whenever colonialism began. I know that the English gave them smallpox in blankets and started their addiction to alcohol. I know Native Americans are outraged we sold their land for less than a dime an acre in the Louisiana Purchase AND without their permission/knowledge. Regardless, Native Americans are still keeping their culture and history alive. People need to be more educated about how wrong they were treated. I personally would like to know about their history and how they feel towards this country presently. I’m especially attracted to their spirituality and connection with the land. I would like to look more into why their is a lack of protection for Natives and debunk the drunk and homeless stereotypes.

I think this would be important for future occupations because it offers yet again another under-represented perspective in this country. Among inequality in class and race, it is easy for Native Americans to be lost in translation but they should not be forgotten because they are still present. I have a large interest in geography and religion, and I think there is not enough documentation about Native Americans. People could benefit from this kind of information and would possibly be more sensitive (and interested as well) towards Natives and their culture.

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