My Steller Tale

Click here to watch my Steller story.

This week I downloaded Steller to use for my mobile project. I love this app. It’s neat, clean, and very simple to use. There are a few drawbacks about the app such as you can’t add a photo or video to the current layout page, you have to create a new page every time. It wasn’t very difficult to create a new page with a photo or video though.

I covered a reaction about the Mizzou game, which was tough in spatial and physical terms. First of all, I couldn’t cover the entire game because I was at work till 9 p.m. The game wasn’t home so Columbia wasn’t abuzz like it always is when there’s a game. I think it’s important to cover everyone back home that’s supporting their team to show that their fan base is very much alive, even if it is in spirit. When I got off and actually got to watch the game, it was halfway through the fourth quarter and we were winning. And then my phone died. I had been at work all day so I didn’t have a chance to charge it. By the time I started covering, my phone died and I didn’t get a chance to save anything besides the notes I had taken down during the game.

I didn’t face any challenges with access. If you’re under 21 and can’t get into a bar to see how everyone tolerates the game, that might be a potential challenge. Since I was in a huge rush from work to getting ready to cover it, then actually covering it, I didn’t have a specific angle other than to just objectively watch. I’m not a sports connosieour by any means but it was easy to write a quick story over.

I like covering current events and breaking news because it gives you an adrenaline rush and everything is still fresh. However, that is the exact reason I don’t want to go into print news or broadcast because of how stressful that deadline can become. Not to mention it’s so depressing. In my J2100 class, when we practiced deadline writing, I was able to write about it, but it made me so sick and sad. I don’t want to write about death and disaster. And now that I’ve said that, I’ll probably end up assigned to a beat covering just that next semester. As for being an on-the-scene reporter, my favorite part is to just feel the scene out. I enjoy taking pictures over video. I don’t mind sitting and waiting for something to happen (or not happen). It was also very accessible to be able to story tell with my phone, even though photo and video quality weren’t the best. I’d definitely do this assignment again but with more preparation, a charged phone, and a better topic to cover.

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