Post-Interview Update

I picked Melody on a whim. I didn’t know much about her besides from her Facebook page and her Dogs Deserve Better website. She looked nice, approachable, and obviously had a sincere interest in animals. When we met, I was pretty frazzled about my camera so I assumed she (and everyone else in the coffee shop) thought I was just another dumb J student. I had picked my interview towards the back of the coffee shop, at a small two-top table away from everyone. She was very friendly and down-to-earth from the get go. We had small talk and then started the interview. I actually got like 30 minutes of interview, which was awesome. I can tell that Melody is very passionate about her organization and feel like it’s a calling for her. Because of her, a no-chain ordinance is in effect in Columbia and surrounding towns in mid-Mo.

Melody is a natural performer. In my documentary/journalism film class last year, we talked a lot about how people act in front of the camera and off of it, which can be problematic. Sometimes, there are people who talk honestly because they’re put on the spot when someone hits record, and there are people who freeze then talk once you stop rolling. Thankfully, Melody was one of those people who jut ignored the camera and talked. If she was nervous, I couldn’t tell. She was the same person on and off camera. She remained professional yet herself the entire time. Her organization is successful because of how passionate she is towards her cause. I mean, for our next meeting, she was already talking about taking some dogs out and getting footage of them.

So, as for story angles, I have:

1. the informational aspect of Dogs Deserve Better

2. I have a lady who is caring and sensitive to animals

3. and I have someone who knew she wasn’t meant to be stuck in an office and is spending her time geared towards animals.

I have a few mistakes to learn from the interview too. I felt bad because I felt like I focused more on the camera than her because I was worried about the background noise and my earphones, like I anticipated. When I reviewed the recording, I realized I didn’t take in half of what she said at the time so thank God for that. (Sorry Melody.) I was more focused on asking the perfect question instead of listening to answer. Overall, it went pretty smoothly. I really love my subject and I can’t wait to film the puppies!

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