Pre-Interview Thoughts

For my project, I am covering a woman named Melody Whitworth who overlooks a dog rescue program and an animal magazine here in Columbia. I was so fortunate to find her and have her agree to work with me because all my other options sucked. I wanted to cover Ernie’s, which is a legit mom and pop cafe that’s been in Columbia for almost 75 years, but they probably get journalism students all the time. My second option was to go to Horton’s Animal Hospital and follow a veterinarian but I’m sure there’s some sort of HIPAA law concerning animal privacy or something. Then I looked to follow someone who had just adopted an animal, but that didn’t go anywhere since I forget that no one knows what I’m talking about and that doesn’t make a very interesting story. So there’s some context as to the digging for ideas for this.

When I envisioned my first video, I wanted to get some cool shots of her obviously working with dogs. However, we’re both busy and working around each other schedules so the dog shooting will have to wait and I have to settle with an interview at a coffee shop. I’m hoping the puppy video recording will be on for my news story video. I am anticipating for a decent, first interview with her. It’s my first time meeting up with her and I’ll be recording her in public. I thought this might bother her but she was totally cool with it.

I’m nervous to work with the Canon because of all the technicalities that could go wrong such as me just forgetting my earphones or my memory card. I have my interview questions prepped and ready to go, and hopefully they’re good enough to get some good sound bytes from. I’m mainly interested in how she began all this and how she has time to do everything because from what I’ve researched, she is a super busy woman. A superwoman! Ha. As for angles, I want to do one tight sequence facing her and then a medium profile view. I’m hoping the coffee shop will give me good enough light to provide the casual ambience I want while shooting. I’m excited to edit video. I haven’t played on Premiere yet, but I have edited videos before and get the gist of it.

My interview is tomorrow morning so I’ll post an update blog after. Until then!

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